Maybaum Movers LLC

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Every move has its own questions.
We have tried to list the most popular ones here.
If you have a question you feel should be represented here, we are always listening. 

Q: How do I know how many men I need to help? 

A:  We want you to consider a few things because there is no magic eight ball to answer this question. 
Our company requires a two hour minimum of two men for two hours for every job to make sure our employees are paid for the care they deliver. That being said more hands makes quicker work, consider four men to keep the minimum two hours in labor or price out an estimated 'hour' for each man less (instead of four men and two hours it would be two men for four hours). 

Understand that you will never be charged for an hour not worked or a man not used. Please remember to also quickly consider our discounts tabs to save additional money while we work!

Q: How many blankets or boxes do I need?

A:  We suggest using two to three blankets (more if larger) being reserved for any leather, glass or wood pieces of furniture. Anything that can be scratched or broken is suggested to be almost over padded with blankets to assure a safe journey. The farther you are going the more padding we suggest. Blankets and boxes are  to be rented/ordered at time of u haul reservation. If we are providing the truck we provide blanket rentals for free and have plenty. 

Q: What extra fees can I expect?

A:  We our proud to stand behind our statement of no hidden fees guaranteed. Every move we book will include a labor fee to match our required minimum of two men for two hours (adding additional hours as necessary), an insurance fee and any truck or moving supplies cost. (if we are providing supplies such as boxes and tape it will be charged at cost of receipt). 

Please understand that assembly, staging, hand tools, dollies, hand carts, stairs AND smiles all come FREE of charge and complimentary. 

Q: How do I know what size truck/container I need?

A:  We do not specifically specialize in truck rental or container/storage services and generally end up being the labor in most scenarios. Wherever you are renting your mode of transportation from has a wonderful guide on their website. U-haul has a very helpful truck guide and POD has a customer line for estimates just like this. If we are providing you with white glove service in regards to picking up/driving/drop off this question will be handled for you.

Q: What if I am not sure of the date?

A:  We have several options to address this stress. Moving often comes with a bunch of what if's and if you are not sure of your date it can be difficult to be confident with your movers if they do not take care of it for you. If you have multiple dates you are unsure of we are happy to give you one free booking with no down payment, security or reservation fee. We only ask you cancel or modify a week in advance so we keep the slots fair and open to all clients.
We charge a 50.00$ reservation fee to hold a second date or time slot "just in case". This fee is non refundable unfortunately due to fair employee scheduling. 

Q: What does insurance cover?

A: Broken or scratched walls or furniture due to mover negligence.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: At least 2 weeks for Long distance.
At least 5 days for Local

Q: Will they come with equipment?

A: Everytime

Q: Will they call before my move?

A: You will receive a call or text 45 mins before your scheduled start time

Q:What should I do to prepare?

A: Clear off the top of all furniture, we will do the rest.

Q: Can I rent my own truck?

A: You are able to rent your own truck or use ours

Q:What is a quality control supervisor?

A: A trained leader to oversee the operation without distraction.

Q: Am I eligable for a discount?

A: Repeat customers, Law Enforcement, Military, DOD

Q: How to I change/update my existing order?

A: Give us a call, text, or email